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Pag cheese factory

The Pag cheese factory is the oldest cheese factory on the island of Pag. The story of the PAŠKI CHEESE, the most famous Croatian cheese that won the most awards, starts here.



The company Kias natura Ltd. the owner of the brand Bulje under whose auspices are produced Premium pumpkin seed oils ans seeds. Bulje oils are made from exquisite pumpkin seeds , pumpkin grown exclusively from the fields of Medjimurje. This is crucial because Medjimurje soil and climate are favorable for growing the best pumpkins, and their quality is certainly contributing to the long tradition of farming .


OPG Matijević

OPG Matijević is a small family owned producer of traditional Croatian cured meat delicacies. They are producing their products completely in the traditional way, the way it has been done in their family throughout many generations, without any nitrates, starter cultures, preservers, colors, or anything artificial. Their most famous product is a sausage called “kulen”, which has a protected geographical indication (PGI). Their goal is to preserve the traditional production of “kulen”, and to keep it in small enough quantities so that they can ensure top quality.


Natura truffles

For instance, the mystery of truffles, which has strewed in the meadows Buzeština, starts intriguing your imagination, enriches your gastronomy, and brings you into the realm of the most famous aphrodisiac in the world.



Organic, with no additives and any refining – natural without a compromise!



Žvig is a small glass for rakia, traditional drink of all Balkans. It is not possible to put Žvig back on the table if it is full, as it is made for drinking as a shot, in one go, as tradition orders.


Nin Salt

Nin Salt Works acts as the human body. All the functions are properly distributed and work synergistically,and the tendency is based on naturalness, simplicity and patience. Our purpose is to „bring people closer to nature with taste, touch, view and emotion“.



Famous Trojan warrior Antenor sailed up to an island, and he named it Brachia (Brač), after his earlier home, Ambrachia, in Greece. He also brought a wine grower called Silenus with him, who, according to legend, planted a scion of an olive at the island of Brač. This plant has found a fertile ground within the scarce soil of Brač and brought life to generations of islanders. And today, it brings us joy of tasting the original product of Brač. Brachia brand is now one of the most famous and recognizable Croatian brands of olive oil, and we are especially proud to present you its product line.


Grgić wine

The grapes of this wine have been selected from the best wineyards in the well-known locations of Dingac and Postup on the Pelješac peninsula. The wine has been produced according to the methods of Miljenko Grgić and under his supervision. He is known in California and in the world as one of the best producer of Chardonnay and Zinfandel.



The thousand-year-old tradition of the Istrian region, modern technologies, all the efforts and sacrifices of the whole family and, above all, passion and love for olives: these are the ingredients that make our extra virgin olive oil special. Chiavalon Ex Albis is a blend of five autochthonous, organically grown Istrian olive varieties: buža, carbonazza, bianchera, moražola and leccino. These fruits, which are selected, harvested early and processed through the cold pressing process, have given us the extra virgin olive oil with its recognisable and irresistible flavour and fragrance, as well as the title of one of Istria’s extra virgin olive oils with the highest number of awards won all over the world.


Prošek Hektorovich

Relative of the Italian Vin Santo and several other top quality Mediterranean sweet wines, Prošek originates in the coastal part of Dalmatia and Istria, which are also the only two regions where it is still made. Produced the traditional way, Prošek Hektorovich is the product of carefully picked more mature grapes with some dried grapes intermixed, grown on specially selected locations, which are then dried on straw for up to a month. The resulting wine is irresistibly sweet, with the ripe aromas of raisins, dried fruit and jam… Prošek Hectorovich was named after Petar Hektorović, a great poet, hedonist and nobleman who came from the island of Hvar.


OH! jams

Products made from indigenous fruit varieties are made on the beautiful Dalmatian island – island of Vis. These products combine and promote the original gastronomy values as specialities of the island.


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